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Plough Shear Working Principle

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Advantages of Plough Shear Mixer Over Ribbon Blenders


Plough Shear Mixer definition


Plough Shear Mixer is designed for heavy duty blending of both dry and wet materials. Plough shape shovels mounted on a central shaft with its pointed ends are easily penetrable through the dense powder, pasty mass. The overlapping of shovels coupled with its shape and the high speed of the Ploughs produces good mixing action and high turbulence.  

Choppers are working in conjunction with the shovels, intensify the mixing process. They are used for dispersing lumps which are either in the original product or which forms during process, they chop pasty additives or prevent the formation of agglomeration when liquid is introduced to the mix. 

Advantages of Our Plough Shear Mixer are as follows :

  1. It has a cylindrical shell with ploughs runs at high speed to effect a fluidizing action. The plough shovel lifts the material upward, and the material settles in a pattern. Whirling, three-dimensional product movement makes output material with very high homogeneity within short mixing time.
  2. Fast mixing with chopper which can break the caking of material i.e. Powder lumps.
  3. Multiple Functions like mixing, coating, drying and reaction inside the shell.
  4. Reduce manufacturing Cost 
  5. Reduce Power and Energy.
  6. Save Money.  

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