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Carbon Paste Material Sigma Blade Kneader Blender

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Carbon Paste Material Sigma Blade Kneader Blender

Carbon Paste Material Sigma Blade Kneader Blender
Sigma Mixer Machine

Carbon Paste Sigma Mixer Description

Machine Name:

1000L Carbon Paste Material Sigma Blade Kneader Blender Mixer, Sigma Kneader, Silicone Rubber Kneader, Sigma Blade Kneader, Z Blade Kneader, Rubber Mixer...

Model No.: ABSTER Customized...

II. Machine Structure/Description:

Sigma Blade & Mixing Chamber, Heating & Cooling System, Tilting Mechnism, Control System, Pneumatic System, Driving System, Sealing...

III. Application:

Silicone Rubber Mixing & Kneading.

IV. Technical Parameter:

1000L Sigma Blade Mixer For Wet Mixing At Bottom (Motor: 75KW)
Parameter  \  Model 1000L Wet Mixer
Total Volume 1500L
Effective Working Volume 1000L
Motor Power 75KW-4P  380V/440V 50HZ (SIEMENZ)
Motor Reducer ELECON / Premium / Shanti Best Quality Hardened Gear
Start Mode ABB Ac Drive
Discharging MaterialHydraulic Drive Bottom Discharge, Hydraulic Station & Cylinder
Heating Way Hot oil heating pass through W chamber housing
Heat PreservationChamber Covered By Cotton Insulation, Outside With S/S Plate
Mixing Chamber StructureW Shape Chamber, Jacket Design, Similar British Style.
Jacket Pressure Test ≥0.3Mpa.
Boring Process Technology For Chamber, Consistent Gap Between Blade & Chamber Inner Surface, Have Better Mixing Effect.
Contact Parts With Material13Mn High-Manganese Steel (High Abrasion Resistance)
Inner Tank14mm Q235B Low Carbon Steel, Inside Covered By 20mm 13Mn High-Manganese Steel Which Fixed By Screw & Can Be Disassemble.
Outer Tank16mm Q235B Low Carbon Steel
Side Plate16mm Q235B Low Carbon Steel, Inside Covered By 14mm 13Mn High-Manganese Steel.
Processing Technology Whole Forming Chamber, Chamber Bottom Two Semicircle Chamber Side Whole Milling Process. Main Spindle Hole Adopts Precise Boring Process To Ensure Concentricity Consistent With Clearance.
Blade Process TechnologySigma Blade, Cast Steel Integral Casting, Optimized Spiral, Lathing, Grinding & Static Flat Test. Blade Edge Welding Hard Alloy Steel For High Abrasion Resistance.
Casting Base40Mn2, Quenching & Tempering Treatment
Blade & Chamber / Side Plate Clearance18mm/10mm
Blade Speed9-10R/Min
Lid OpeningHydraulic Driving
Blade Support BearingSelf-Lubrication Bearing (NSK)
Shaft SealInnovative Design, Combined Seal.
BaseFoundation Of Channel Steel Molding, Overall Steel Plate Cover.
Reinforced Base, No Need Cementing, Excellent Stability.
Overall StructureAdopts Removable Type Connection Design, No Convenient Welding Die Parts. All Connecting Screw & Nut Are Steel Material To Avoid Aging Break.

Control System: Status Display & Function Of Voltmeter, Kneading Ampere Meter, Start, Stop, Frequency Converter Forward Rotating, Reverse Rotating, Hydraulic Driving Discharge Materials & Restoration, Hydraulic Opening & Closing Lid, Emergency Stop, Temperature Controller Display Oil & Material Temperature, Electric System & Operation Chain Design, Controlling Cabinet Surface Electrostatic Plastic-Coating Treatment. 


Equipped With As Spare Parts. One Set High Abrasion Resistance 13Mn High-Manganese Steel Plate

V. Highlights:

VI. Mixer Pictures & Plant:

We will provide you details according to your request.
Double arm sigma mixer
Sigma Mixer Machine

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