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Stainless Steel Plough Shear Blender

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Stainless steel high efficiency powder horizontal durable plough shear mixer, coulter mixer, plough share mixer


stainless steel plough shear mixer
plough shear mixer

Working principles:

Blender is widely used in the mixture of chemical materials, pigment, pharmaceutic materials, feedstuff, especially in the mixture of fragile solid grain; In a short time, the Blender has good mixing effect for the materials which has a great difference in grain and density.

Its coulter rotates together with main axis and makes the materials radial circling flow along the wall; The radial materials flows through flying cutters, and falls apart by rotating flying cutters; The materials can be mixed uniformly in a shorttime.


Stainless steel dry powder horizontal plough shear mixer is circular type, each plough blade shaft with one shaft. Plowshare or bevel-cutter is installed on mixer shaft to avoided dead corner when material start to work, such as radial and length wise direction. Material keep turbulent flow way. It is widely used for dry power, particle, low viscosity, paste, power, chemical industry, fine chemistry, fertilizer, pesticide, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, mine, building materials, ceramics, fireproofing, adhesive etc, solid-liquid, solid-thick liquid material mixing. It can be continuous work. Drum type chamber, with fly cutters inside. Material can be mixed equality in short time by fly cutters rotate along with high speed.

The container is brought close to the blender on special trolley having lifting arrangement. This lifting pallet ensures that the container is lifted and is aligned with the transition piece fixed with the blender outlet butterfly valve. This transition piece mouth is clamped with the outer periphery of the container using special type of clamps. Now after clamping the container (100 lits) the blender is inched till the container is vertically inverted over the blender. Now once the container reaches upward inverted position, the butterfly valve is made to open by special hand wheel so that entire content of the container gets unloaded into the blender. Once it becomes empty, the valve is closed and container is brought again downward by rotating the blender again by 180oC and another container is fixed and raised and in similar way and this way entire powder content is unloaded. By this method material is loaded in batches of 50 kg each.


  • Short mixture time, good cutting effect/li>
  • Wide application and multi-function mixture
  • No materials blocking or clotting
  • Fly cutter to improve mixing efficiency
  • Manual discharging, pneumatic discharging, electric discharging for option.
  • knife-edge/butterfly types valve for option
  • With jacket to heating and use heat insulation for external according to process requirement
  • Variable load capacity available
  • With jacket to heating and use heat insulation for external according to process requirement
  • The wetted parts is carbon steel, SUS304 or SUS316 for option
  • Custom-made service is available as details requirement

Model Power Speed

Gross Capacity / Working Capacity

Dimension approx. basis Weight
(kw) (r/min) (Liters) (mm) (kg)
ABF-0.1 3 85 100/60 1850× 800× 850 450
ABF-0.3 4 85 300/200 2200× 900× 900 550
ABF-0.5 5.5 85 500/300 2700× 980× 1200 800
ABF-1 7.5 85 1000/600 3200× 1000× 1350 1000
ABF-2 11 63 2000/1200 4100× 1250× 1600 1300
ABF-3 15 63 3000/1800 4350× 1450× 1800 2000
ABF-4 18.5 63 4000/2500 4700× 1500× 1950 2800
ABF-6 30 56 6000/3600 5400× 1700× 2300 3500
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