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Sigma Mixer- Design & Construction Operations

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What you Need to Know about Sigma Mixer?

Sigma Mixer- Design & Construction Operations and Applications Explained

sigma mixer

Knowledge-Sigma Mixer

The Sigma Mixer is a powerful processing machine that can mix a variety of materials. The blades of this machine are designed to fold, knead, and pull viscous materials. Users can control how much shearing is done to the mixture by changing the angle of blade twist. The speed of the replacement of the blades can be adjusted. A constant torque motor provides the necessary power to mix any type of viscous material. Sigma Mixers are available from Lodha International in capacities of 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 350, 500, and with power capacities of 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 HP.

Details on Different Components of Sigma Mixer

A Sigma mixer has two mixing blades, which are Z type blades. Each sigma blade is designed to act independently and cooperate with one another, achieving end to end circulation. These action cycles are controlled by the mixing speed and the number of blades. The result is uniformity in the consistency of the mixture. This makes the Sigma Mixer a useful tool for a variety of industries. It can be used to mix a wide range of materials and is highly versatile.

The Sigma mixer has many components. The mixing body and the sigma blades are made of stainless steel and are designed to thoroughly mix and process materials with high viscosity. This machine can be manually operated or motorised. Its blades can be adjusted to produce a uniform mix. The sigma mixer's electric motor allows the user to vary the speed of the extrusion screw. The blades and the sigma-shaped body are used to process a variety of materials, including liquids, slurries, and emulsions.

The sigma mixers are made of stainless steel. The two Z-type blades rotate at different speeds, causing a combination of stretching and folding. The sigma-type kneader is also capable of blending high-viscosity materials.The Sigma Mixer has a dual-shaft design, which means that the 'Z'-shaped blades rotate in opposite directions. The Sigma Mixer has two distinct types of blades, and its dual-shaft design, allows it to be used for multiple functions.

Bottom Line on Sigma Mixer

The sigma mixers can be set up for operations of all sizes with a capacity of 3 Ltrs. to 2000 Ltrs.. They can be used for a variety of materials. Sigma mixer is the best option for a wide variety of products. This heavy-duty machine is very versatile, and is suitable for many applications like Biscuits doughs, Carbon pastes, Chemicals, Crayon and pencil lead, Food and confectionery products, Grinding wheel preparations, Fiberglass resin doughs, Gaskets and gland packings, Inks and pigment products, Moulding preparations, Soaps and detergents, Pharmaceuticals, Chewing gum and many more. Its stainless steel exterior and sturdy construction make it easy to clean and can be installed on a bench. The model is specifically designed for intensive kneading applications.

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