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Cath Lab ETO Sterilizer for Hospital

cath lab eto sterilizer
cath lab eto sterilizer



 100% eto cartridge is punctured only when proper negative pressure and humidity conditions are achieved in the chamber.

 Easy to operate : cold cycle (37°c), warm cycle (55°c), 7 more user-defined cycles available.

 Easy to handle : material can be easily loaded using the basket provided.

 Installation: machine can be installed in-wall or placed on a free-standing rack.

 Low cost per cycle :lowest operating costs compared to other available options.

Product Description

scada : supervisor control  and data acquisition  software allows remote operation and monitoring of  the machine

 report :  report generated by software in

  1) detailed data format

  2) single page graph

  3) graph (trend)  cab be  printed

dependable plc-controlled electronic design provide  accuracy.

touch screen hmi shows cycle  status

relative humidity features continuously monitor  maintain and document the correct  humidity during  the precondition phase.

continues temperature monitoring maintain  temperature  to within ± 3° c of the selected cycle temperature during exposure phase.

 digital data back-up facility

 audio alarm and visual display  of error message on video screen and on computer screen too.

 supervisory access code and password protection for prevention of unauthorized person.

low cost per cycle :lowest operating costs compared to other available options.


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