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Pug Mill for Paint Manufacturering

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Pug Mill For Paint Industry, Twin Shaft pugmill Mixer

Pug Mill for Paint
Sigma Mixer Machine


Ideal for making putty, distemper and emulsion paint.

This Pug Mill have Ribbon type blade for mixing materials usually one of them dry and other a liquid.

when the material moves to & fro by the action / rotation of screw (Ribbon) blade. Both reverse & forward motions are effected to attain a smooth & pasty finish without solvent loss and raise in temperature.

The Pug Mill consist of a 'W' shaped trough with two horizontal shafts on witch several radial arms and interrupted ribbon type paddles are mounted. The paddle/ribbons areas are adjusted to ensure there are no 'dead areas' in the Pug Mill. The dead areas in Pug Mill are avoided by making the clearance between the paddle /ribbon blade tips and trough shell is less than one half of the aggregate size.

Non uniform mixing can occur if Pug Mill is over filled, the blade tips are immersed in material, the surface aggregates will tends to float above the blade & will not thoroughly mix. Conversely, Pug Mill containing too little aggregates, the tip of the blades rake through the material without mixing it.

Normally, the rating is based on percentage of the capacity of Pug Mills 'live zone' . The live zone is the net volume bellow a line extending across the top are of the inside body shell radius with shaft, blades and arms deducted..

Pug Mill For Paint Industry

Pug Mill for Paint manufacturer

Consisting of a combination of inner and outer helical ribbons, the ribbon agitator is referred to as the "double" helical ribbon agitator. The external ribbon flights move the material from the ends to the center during the blending operation, while the inner ribbon flights move the material from the center to the ends. Because of the rotational motion of the ribbons, radial mixing is accomplished. Axial movement of the material along the horizontal axis of the blender stems from the disparity in peripheral velocities of the outer and inner ribbons. As a consequence of the radial and counter-current axial motion, homogeneous blending with 90 to 95 percent or better homogeneity is achieved within 15 to 20 minutes of start-up. The biggest effect on the mixing efficiency of the ribbon blender is the solid particle size and its bulk density. As compared to ingredients with variance in these properties, ingredients with similar particle size and bulk densities tend to blend faster.

The material loading in the blender normally takes place by means of nozzles or feed-hoppers located on the blender 's top cover. The ribbon blender 's working capacity ranges from 40 to 70 percent of its total volumetric capacity. The product is discharged from a discharge valve located at the bottom of the trough after blending. Depending on the size of the blender, more than one discharge valve may be provided. The valve operation may be manual or pneumatically actuated. In the ribbon blender, obtaining 100 percent discharge is practically difficult. The amount of hold up after discharge in the blender depends on the material properties, the clearance between the ribbon flight's outer edge and the blender container's inside wall. Depending on the application, a clearance of 3 mm to 6 mm is usually maintained.


The ribbon blender machine comprises of a horizontal U shaped trough and a specially developed a double helical, fabricated ribbon agitator that rotates within the trough. The machine design is based on a proven agitator technology that efficiently achieves triple mixing action and ensures fast and efficient blending.

The equipment dimensions and design of the operating parts are well balanced to provide balanced material movement within the container and avoids dead spots while rapidly discharging the product.

The ribbon mixer machine is made with user friendly features such as wear resistance, corrosion resistant, vacuum filling and discharge arrangements, special shaft seals, heating and cooling jackets and in a variety of sizes and models for specialized applications. The operating capacity of the ribbon blender mixer ranges from 100 liters up to 8000 liters capacity, and it is constructed with stainless steel for maximum durability.

Benefits of the Ribbon Blender Equipment

  • It is developed in a sanitary design ,heavy gauge stainless steel

  • The bearings are mounted on laterns outside of the mixing containers to avoid any possible contamination.

  • Wide range of arability

  • Feeding through a hopper mounted on the top of a blender

  • Achieves relatively short mixing time

  • Good mixing with attrition and improved mixing efficiency

  • Batch or continuous mixing and they have low maintenance costs

Ribbon Mixer Operation

The machines are widely used for homogenous mixing of dry granules and powders and are thus may also act as powder mixers, spice mixers and spice blenders.

As the agitator rotates in the ribbon blender, the material is tumbled and carried radically around the inside of the blender. The pitch of the outer ribbon directs the material towards the discharge opening. The inner ribbon which also has an opposing pitch moves this material away from the discharge opening. This alternating movement creates very efficient mixing operation.

Applications of the Ribbon Blender

The equipment is used in the food and ingredients infant formula, cocoa mix, instant salad dressing, cake mixes, spices, seasonings, flavorings, gelatin and many other food materials.

Industrial Mixers for Talcum Powder

The talcum powder is the highly refined, powdery form of soft earth mineral. It is one of the most widely used products known as the baby powder. The industrial mixers for talcum powder are high shear mixers, able to achieve a short mixing time with attrition of the product.

Pharma Powder Mixing Equipment

There is a wide range of applications of the chemical powder mixing equipment and the choice of mixer may be determined by various factors. The ribbon blender mixer has emerged as a leading mixing technology able to homogenize the bulk powder materials, improve powder flow characteristics, , quality , consistency and improve efficiency in pharmaceutical tableting process. It is therefore widely used as a food ribbon mixer, lab mixers for chemical and cosmetics mixers to effectively blend powders and granules. Paddle blenders also utilize the same technology, as they can mix solids with solids, as well as solids with high or low percentages of liquids to produce smooth paste or slurries.

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