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  Mass Mixer for Pharmaceutical Powder mixing








Working Capacity

55 Ltr.

110 Ltr.

220 Ltr.

330 Ltr.

440 Ltr.

560 Ltr.

Speed of Stirrer

25 RPM

35 RPM

35 RPM

30 RPM

25 RPM 20 RPM

Electrical Motor

2.0 hp/ 1440 RPM /415 v / 50 Hz / 3phase

3hp/2.2Kw/ 144RPM/415 v/50 Hz/3phase

5 hp/3.7 kw/ 144 RPM/415 v/50 Hz/3phase

7.5hp/5.5 kw/ 144RPM/415 v/50 Hz/3phase

10 hp/5.5kw/144RP M/415v/50 Hz/3phase 15 hp/7.4kw/144RP M/415v/50 Hz/3phase

Over all dimensions in mm

L x B x H 1200 x 740 x 940

L x B x H 1700 x 740 x 940

L x B x H 2300 x 740 x 940

L x B x H 2135 x 790 x 1300

L x B x H 2475 x 100 x 1500 L x B x H 2650 x 1050 x 1600
  MIXING MECHANISM: Paddle type blades welded to the main shaft provide for efficient mixing of thick heavy material. PTFE gland mechanism provided at shaft ends prevents ingress of external powder into the trough and prevents leakage.
  CHARGING: From the top charging can be done through a hinge able lid, hopper or Nozzle can be provided for additional spraying of additives.
  DISCHARGE: By bottom discharge or by tilting and scraping or slide Iris or Butterfly valve of suitable diameter, for regulated discharge.
  Note: Models for large scale, Small Scale, and Lab Size U type or Mass mixer to suit as per material mixing requirement are also available. Motor mounting and direction can be made as per client requirement.
  • All contact parts can be easily and quickly dismantled and cleaned.
  • Machine is designed for continuous operation.
  • Flame proof electrical can be provided at extra cost.
  • Material Charging auto screw feeders are also available.
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