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Autoclave, Sterilizer, Steam Sterilizer, ETO Sterilizer

Abster™ Equipment is Sterilizer manufacturieng Company with rich experience in sterilization processes for pharmaceutical, medical device, hospital, cosmetic, and food sterilization.

Abster™ Equipment is one of the most reputed companies in the field of sterilizer manufacturing for Medical Devices. Working closely with our customers, with understanding and meeting their requirments, we are providing to improve and introduce innovative designs. Our manufacturing unit is located in Ahmedabad, India.

Abster™ Equipment has provided high quality products in India. Moreover our products are available in the global market at optimum prices without compromising on the excellent quality, which has fuelled our growth. We have a well trained team of expert technicians and qualified engineers that helps our organization meet stringent quality control norms and varied and specific client requirements. With the hard work and effort of our dedicated staff, we have built and supplied high quality sterilization equipment and have got good references from our happy customers. We are constantly improve existing products and introduce innovative designs at all times.

We are also manufacturers of Various Equipment / Machinery required by Chemical, Dyes, Pigments, Pharmaceutical, Bulk Drugs, Paints, Plastics, Food Industries, Adhesives & Coatings, Ceramic Industry.



Autoclave Sterilizer : Autoclave, Sterlizer, Steam Sterilizer, Horizontal Rectangle Autoclave, Horizontal Cylindircal Autoclave, High Pressure High Vaccum Steam Sterilizer, HPHV Sterilizer, Double door Autoclave Sterilizer, Sliding door Autocalve, manufacturer and supplier.
  ETO Sterilizer: eto gas sterilizer, ethylene oxide gas sterilizer, sliding door eo gas sterilizer, Table Top ETo Sterilizer, Fully automatic eto sterilizer.
CHEMICAL MACHINERY EQUIPMENT: Reaction vessel, Jacketed Reaction Vessel, Condensor, Tray dryer, Vacuum Tray Dryer (VTD), Double Cone Belnder, Ribbon Blender, Sigma Mixer (Double Arm), Mass Mixer, Powder Ribbon Blender Mixer.
Tebleting Plant: Homozinizer/Emulsifer, Octagonal Blender, Double Cone Blender, Masss Mixer, Starch Paste Kettle, Tray Dryer, Multi Mill.
Injectable Plant:
PLANTS : Distillation Plants, Pilot Production Plants, Pilot Plants, Alkyd Resin Palnts, Phenolic Resin Plant, Polyster Resin Plant & PVA Emulsion Plant, Textile Auxillary / Softner Plants, Textile Binder plants, Shampoo Manufacturing.

Sterilizer, Autoclave, Steam Sterilizer, High Pressure Steam Sterilizer, ETO Gas Sterilizer,
Table Top Autoclave,

  Products Range
  ETO Sterilizer
  Horizontal Rectangle Autoclave
  Horizontal Cylindrical Autocalve
  Sliding Door ETO Sterilizer
  100% Pure ETO Gas Cartridge
  4.5 CFT CATH LAB ETO Sterilizer
  Pharmaceutical Machienry
  Mass Mixer
  Octagonal Blender
  Paste Kettle
  Mixing Vessel
  Syrup Manufacturing Plant
  Homoginizer / Emulsifier
  Membrane Filter Holder
  Paint Machinery
  Twin Shaft Disperser
  High Speed Disperser
  Ribbon Blender Mixer
  Sigma Mixer
  Ball Mill
  Pug Mill
  Chemical Machinery & Equipment
  Reaction Vessel
  Condensor / Heat Exchanger
  Tray Dryer Machine
  Resin Plants
  Pilot Reaction Vessel

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