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Planetary Mixer

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Planetary Mixer Machine

Planetary Mixer Machine
Planetary Mixer

Planetary Mixer Description


we are the leading planetary mixer supplier in India


The planetary mixer is a mixing assembly where the agitation pattern is planetary. The beater or the agitation assembly rotates around itself and travels in a circle in the bowl, thereby achieving intimate mixing. Because of the unique design feature of shifting, the mass is uniformly and intimately mixed.


The planetary mixer unit consists of a Bowl S.S. Cylindrical bowl with torispherical dished bottom with inside surface polished to a smooth finish. M.S. Jacket on cylindrical and torispherical area to operate on 3 Kg/cm sq. Steam pressure Complete with steam inlet and cold water inlet and outlet connections with standard fitting like pressure gauge, vent cock, release valve and drain. Bowl also suitable for vacuum application and fitted with three nos. of castor wheel, two fixed and one swivel type. Suitable locking lugs for fixing the bowl to the machine.


Planetary Mixer Application:


Planetary Mixers are used for intensive mixing, dispersing, kneading, and deaerating products such as adhesives, sealants, light caulks, pastes, coatings, granulations, and similar products medium to high viscosity. Rotation of the Planetary Blades on their axis while traveling around the mixing bowl center ensures complete and adequate mixing. The mixers are available in various sizes, with or without self-aligning bowl scrapers, and manual or hydraulic lifts. Heavy-duty construction allows newer and tougher compounds in a trouble-free manner while also being very durable and reliable in operation. The mixers are manufactured to rigid standards with many features and options available.


Planetary Mixer Features

  • We make all our contact parts out of S.S. 304 materials or S.S. 316 as per requirement. If required, we can provide Scraping blades.
  • We can also provide a jacketed mixing bowl for electric/steam heating.
  • Ideal equipment for small batch sizes.
  • Can provide manual lifting arrangements for agitators up to 50 Ltrs and motorized lifting arrangement for 100 ltrs and above capacities.
  • The top of the mixing bowl has an S.S. lid with a charging hole.
  • Castor wheels and locking system on mixing bowls help offer easy handling.
  • We can provide a flameproof motor as an option.
  • AVAILABLE CAPACITIES: 20 Ltrs. to 2500

Planetary Mixer for Ayurvedic, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Food, Cosmetic, Ointment, and Nutraceutical




30 20 2 20-40 / 60-120 1220 X 640 X 520
65 50 3 20-40 / 60-120 1500 X 900 X 600
125 100 3 20-40 / 60-120 1650 X 1020 X 650
230 200 1 5 18-36 / 54-108 2300 X 2100 X 1500
280 250 1 7.5 18-36 / 54-108 3000 X 2900 X 1400
375 350 1.5 10 12-24 / 36-72 2400 X 2300 X 1300
550 500 2 15 12-24 / 36-72 2700 X 2600 X 1250
675 600 2 15 12-24 / 36-72 3000 X 2800 X 1300
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