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Types of Sigma Mixer blade

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Types Of Sigma Mixer Blade

Types Of Sigma Mixer Blade

Types Of Sigma Mixer Blade

This design is best suited for all round use. This may be positioned with either tangential or overlapping action.

The rotation of the Double Arm Mixer blades is either tangential to each other or overlapping. ​

Tangential design: The blades in tangential design rotate in the trough meeting tangentially. The front blade generally rotates faster than the rear blade, usually in the ratio of 3:2. Tangential blades are used for universal applications such as adhesives, rubber compounds, flush colors, dyes, and pigments.

Overlapping design: In the overlapping design, the blades overlap above the saddle of the chamber. The relative position of the two blades is fixed, and the rotation speed is the same for the two blades.

Materials that flow freely are mixed using the overlapping blade action, such as carbon pastes, clay coating, creams, and ointments. This design offers a faster interchange of material from one compartment to the other. The overlapping blade produces a lower kneading and shearing compared to the tangential blade action.

Masticator Blade for sigma mixer

Used for a superior dispersion of products difficult to mix such as rubber, plastics or abrasive materials.

Double Naben Blade Agitator for sigma mixer

Naben Blade

Naben Blade -

Also known as the Fishtail Blade. Suitable for mixing cellulose materials and highly viscous products such as gum.

180 Degree Spiral Blade Agitator

Spiral Blade Agitator This agitator requires less power than sigma blade and it is used for sanitary applications.

Structure Feature and Working Principle:

Start the motor,add the material,after adding material,clean the foreign matter on the cylinder port.It takes Hydraulic Dumping up cylinder Discharge the material,it is rapid and clean to discharge.

Lubricition System:

  • 1:Gear Reducer:According to the lubricating oil according to practical application.
  • 2:Like Bearing,Overturn turbin box,operate about 500 hours add lubricating oil.
  • 3:Other parts according to practical situation.
  • Test run and Preparation of before operation:

    • 1:After the Installation,firstly proceed Cleaning, Decontaminate and add antirust grease.Check every lubricating part then add lubricating oil.
    • 2:Before operating,check the Up-tight Degree of triangle belt.
    • 3:Check the fastening piece if loose’Circuit and electrical equipment if safe.
    • 4:Before test run should insure the Kneading room is clean.Keep machine Idling about 10-15 minutes.After insuring machine is in normal operation then put the material into production.

Asafoetida Sigma Mixer

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