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Color Masterbatch Sigma Kneader

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Color Masterbatch Sigma Mixer Kneader

Sigma Mixer Machine

Sigma Mixer Description

Dough Mixer Commercial is an ideal equipment,design for mixing, kneading, crusing, dispersing high viscosity plastic materials,and has good performance in uniform mixing,no dead ends and high efficiency kneading

  • 1).Components:kneading part,base part, transmission system,vacuum system,hydraulic system,electric control system,etc leuco-dyes kneader
  • 2). Material:stainless steel(SS306/SS316),carbon steel(Q235-B). leuco-dyes kneader machine
  • 3). Blades:two z-type blades leuco-dyes kneader
  • 4). Heating methods:oil heating,electric heating,steam heating . leuco-dyes kneader
  • 5). Cooling method:water cooling. leuco-dyes kneader
  • 6). Rotated speed control:equipped with inverter for frequency control. leuco-dyes kneader
  • 7). Discharge methods:hydraulic tilting discharge,bottom discharge.

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