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Sigma Blade Mixer

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Sigma Blade Mixer

Sigma Blade Mixer

Construction of Sigma Blade Mixer

It consists of two mixing blades, which shapes resemble the Greek letter sigma (∑), which are fitted horizontally in each trough of the bowl. The clearance between the blades and the vessel walls is low ( ~ 2 mm) The low clearances produce high shear.

Working of Sigma Blade Mixer

The powders (40 to 65 percent of the mixer's total volumetric capacity) are introduced from the top of the trough. The entire process is carried out in a closed enclosure because the dust can be released. The blades move at a different speeds using the drive system. which includes a motor, gear reducer, couplings, gears, bearings, and seals. The material moves up and down and shear occurs between the blades and the wall of the trough. The equipment is also attached to the perforated blades to break lumps and aggregates. The discharge of the material is either by tilting the mixing vessel, through the bottom discharge valve, or a discharge screw. The homogeneous mixture is obtained in 10 to 30 minutes. Mixing homogeneity up to 99%.

Applications of Sigma Blade Mixer

sigma blade mixer

The sigma blade mixer is a commonly used mixer for high viscosity materials.

Sigma blade mixers are used for the wet granulation process in the manufacture of tablets, pill masses, and ointments.

It is primarily used for solid-liquid mixing and also for solid-solid mixing.

Main Application:

  • 1.Kneading Mixer can be widly used in Asafoetida Lump, Compounded Asafoetida, Sigma Mixer Chemical, Plastic, Rubber, Printing-ink, Carbon, Medicine, Food Industry.
  • 2.The part which contact material is made by Stainless Steel or Cast Steel,can insure the Purity and Quality of the product.It takes “Z” shapes double blades,can insure the material rapidly react,evenly mix.
  • 3.Kneading Mixer mainly including Three Kind:Ordinary Type,Pressure Type,Vacuum Type.
  • 4.Heating eay is generally Electric Heating and Steam Heating.
  • 5.Discharing ways is :Hydraulic dumping up cylinder Type;Ball valve Discharge Type;Screw extrusion Type.

Structure Feature and Working Principle:

Start the motor,add the material,after adding material,clean the foreign matter on the cylinder port.It takes Hydraulic Dumping up cylinder Discharge the material,it is rapid and clean to discharge.

Lubricition System:

  • 1:Gear Reducer:According to the lubricating oil according to practical application.
  • 2:Like Bearing,Overturn turbin box,operate about 500 hours add lubricating oil.
  • 3:Other parts according to practical situation.
  • Test run and Preparation of before operation:

    • 1:After the Installation,firstly proceed Cleaning, Decontaminate and add antirust grease.Check every lubricating part then add lubricating oil.
    • 2:Before operating,check the Up-tight Degree of triangle belt.
    • 3:Check the fastening piece if loose’Circuit and electrical equipment if safe.
    • 4:Before test run should insure the Kneading room is clean.Keep machine Idling about 10-15 minutes.After insuring machine is in normal operation then put the material into production.

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